Sister Kisser "Demos" Demo 2009

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Another pure moment of high delight!.You know pne of my fave bands is Hot Water Music and Sister Kisser are playing in the same vein and they do it with talent and brio!.Brilliant driving and groovy Emoish Punkrock with kick ass melodious guitar lines coupled with emotive , poignant sung vocals and sweet melodies.Catchy as hell!. The band have a few records out.For more details about them you have to go here and here

********** LINE-UP **********
Dusty *.* Sal *.* Matty *.* Chrisarena

Demo : 7 songs ** Length : 24m *.* Label : Dead Broke Rcds
1.Operation Stay Alive *.* 2.The Money Shot *.* 3.Soul Glow *.* 4.Stories To Last A Lifetime *.* 5.Growing Up Fast Going Down Hard *.* 6.Fuck Tthe Doomed *.* 7.Aint Enough Love

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