Bangkit Melawan "Demo 2011" Demo 2011

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Music played by Bangkit Melawan is a well done mixture between the Old School SExHC's sound and the Modern's one and adding a PosiCore feel to it.A cross between Youth Of Today , In My Eyes , Champion and The First Step.Tonic , energetic and lively songs incorporating punchy breakdowns , cool Youth Crew backup vocals , good driving guitar lines and a slight tuneful overtone. They sing in their native tongue and i particularly love that.Done and played with lots of sincerity and conviction.Damn good old school SExHC stuff and this is worth checking out if you are into this kind of music!.For more info about the band you have to go here

********** LINE-UP **********
Ardi on Vocals *.* Prana on Tthroat *.* Vino on Guitar *.* Wiro on Bass *.* Bima on Drums

Demo : 4 songs *.* Length : 9m
1.Bangkit Melawan *.* 2.Melangkah Bersama *.* 3.Kami Tak Akan Menyerah *.* 4.Semangat Hidup

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