My Turn "Noble Intentions" Demo 2010

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High energy and passionate Old School SExHC mixed with a PosiCore touche.Rhythm of the songs is tonic and fast mixed with groovy , driving breakdowns.Urgent , slightly high pitched sung vocals.Guitar work is pretty well done delivering subtle and fine tuneful guitar passages.You can feel that all is done and played with lots of conviction and sincerity and i would add just one thing : support them!.For more details about the band you can go here and here and here

********** LINE-UP **********
S. on Bass *.* F. on Guitar *.* M. on Drums *.* A. on Vocals

Demo : 6 songs *.* Length : 15m
1.Intro - Noble Intentions *.* 2.Lighthouse *.* 3.This World *.* 4.Growing Up *.* 5.Too Much To Handle *.* 6.Eyesky

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