Enemy Of The Species "Save The Last Human Family" Demo 1998

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E.O.T.S are playing an energetic and furious Hardcore with EmoCore / Punk feels.At times their music is quite fast from which emerges lots of aggressivity and at other times the tempo is slower with lots of intensity.All along your listening you can really feel pain and anguish.The sound creates a kind of tortured atmosphere where the feelings of anger , anguish dominate.Angry and aggressive sung vocals.If you're into the Ebulliton's style of music sure you will appreciate E.O.T.S!.

Demo : 11 songs *.* Length : 20m
1.Brave New World *.* 2.Absentia *.* 3.Unfortunate Fact Of The Matter *.* 4.Common Foe *.* 5.Last Human Family *.* 6.Administrative Punishment *.* 7.Show Me The Dollars *.* 8.Nothing *.* 9.Conception Inconcievable *.* 10.Reaction Formation *.* 11.Atrocity 1937

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