Reservoir "Demo 2011" Demo 2011

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Beautiful Emotional Post-Hardcore.Musically in the vein of bands such as Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike.Driving and groovy being powerful and intense and filled with a high dose of emotion and sensibility.Poignant and passionate sung vocals.Driven guitar work extremly well delivered and bringing a catchy tuneful touch to the song's structure through fina and sweet passages.Hey can i ask you a favour ... press the tracks on a piece of vinyl!.Really want to hear more from them in the future!.Great band!.For more infos about the band you can go here

Demo : 4 songs *.* Length : 12m
1.Still *.* 2.Just Stay Gone *.* 3.Too Blind To See (Old Reflections) *.* 4.Forging

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