Cross The Line "Self Titled" Demo 2003

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Cross The Line are performing an urgent Old School SExHC with a PosiCore feel at times.A cross between Ten Yard Fight , Bold , Turning Point , In My Eyes.Rhythms are quite fast filled with a driven energy and mixed with some damn good , punchy , groovy breakdowns with a slight moshy touch.This really gives a blast of energy right in your face...Pretty good stuff and band!.

********** LINE-UP *********
Phillywee on Guitar *.* Israel Branson on Bass
Ben M. on Drums *.* Matt R. on Vocals

Demo : 7 songs *.* Length : 14
1.What Its Worth *.* 2.Comes With Time *.* 3.Last Thoughts *.* 4.The Cycle *.* 5.Step Back *.* 6.From The Beginning *.* 7.Life Falls Short

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