Jaguarz "Jungle Jamz" Demo 2003

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Band from Boston and as for the music played we have here a pretty good urgent old school SExHC being intense , lively and fast coupled with punchy and driving breaks.Good sung vocals.Reminds me a bit Walk Proud and Chain Of Strength.Released one song on the compilation "Sweet Vision" out on Lookin Out Rcds.

********** LINE-UP **********
Jeff on Guitar *.* Lomon on Drums
Steb on Bass *.* Owen on Vocals

Demo : 7 tracks *.* Length : 8m
1.The Fuck Back Down *.* 2.Weak Assgame *.* 3.Catch Up *.* 4.On Your Back *.* 5.Jaguarz *.* 6.Law Of The Jungle *.* 7.Around

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