Affirmative Action Jackson "Self Titled" Demo 1998

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Blasting HC/Thrashy HC alternating between loud and heavy mid tempo parts and faster and furious ones.Throaty and deep dual sung vocals.The track "There's more to ..." sounds a bit different - fucking great and brillant tortured Emocore song!.Power violence....yes!.Good stuff!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Agran *.* Greene *.* Nelson *.* Yungmann *.* Ziga

Demo : 11 tracks *.* Length : 13m
1.Break Down Your Door *.* 2.Rotten Dot.Com *.* You Cant Spell "Drum And Bass" Without "Dumb Ass" *.* 4.All The Kids That Listen To Ska Get Good Grades And Are In Lots Of After School Activities *.* 5.There's More To Songwritting Than Making Up Stupid Crappy Smart Ass Song Titles *.* 6.Mutilated Bloody Vaginas In The Hand Of Marie Sullivan *.* 7.Your Annoying Whining Only Makes Us Hate You More *.* 8.Two Fifths True Til Death *.* 9.Our Guitarist Still Isn't Straight Edge *.* 10.Dank Dave Versus Josh The Canadian Drunk In An Edge Breaking Contest *.* 11.Fall Into The Gap And Die

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