Process Is Dead "Self Titled" Demo 1997

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Heavy New School HC/SExHC mixing intense , chaotic and tight musical parts with cool ones having and bringing a slight melodic touch to the song's structure.Screaming/yelled sung vocals.Guitar's work is extremely well performed.A kind of deep and oppressive atmosphere emerges here and there.Hot stuff!.
The band released one split EP with Dead Between Seasons and another one with Pg.99.

********** LINE-UP **********
Tony on Guitar *.* Robby on Drums *.*
John on Vocals *.* Sonny on Bass

Demo : 4 tracks *.* Length : 12m
1.How Do You Spell Rocket Ship? *.* 2.The Daisies *.* 3.The Cleanest Dirt Floor You've Ever Seen *.* 4.New England

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