Disco Crisis "Travolta Disapproved" Demo 1996

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High dynamic and fast played "Political" Punk from which emerges a huge dose of anger , velocity and rebellion!.Aggressive and harsh female sung vocals merging to perfection with the music.At times reminds me bit DAN and Sofa Head.They released a split 7" with the band Cancerous Reagans (out in 1999) and just discovered that Andy of Anti-Flag played with the band.

********** LINE-UP **********
Hoss on Guitar *.* Jason A. on Bass
Andy C. on Drums *.* Sabrina C. on Vocals

Demo : 7 tracks *.* Length : 11m
1.Wake Up *.* 2.What I Learned In Church *.* 3.Room-Mate *.* 4.Law's On Their Side *.* 5.Play Dead *.* 6.Sit On The Government *.* 7.Fuck Your System

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I was the singer for Disco Crisis. Just wanted to say thanks for the compliment -- DAN and Sofa Head were two of my favorite bands and definitely a big influence. Cheers!