Spaul 'Self Titled' Demo 1998

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Metal,doom HC/P with screaming/furious vocals!.Brutal stuff!.....
Demo here
Password : Yes


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Holy shit, i never thought i'd see my old band's demo on a blog. Cheers!


Funny to hear about that...we are living in a real small world...héhé..
I hope you enjoyed the fact i posted it here.Any other releases from your band?.Did you play in other bands?. Maybe i have their demo...hahahaha...
Have a nice day.

Shit, i've been in half a dozen bands since '87. All demo-only HC bands. Maybe one day i'll dig througn some old boxes and rip some of that stuff.

As far as Spaul, we had a track on that Short Fast Loud comp CD put out by Slap A Ham. Only song we ever did that wound up on an actual release (and i hate that version if the song, ugh). Anyway, i'm planning on putting up the entire Spaul discography on my blog (close to 50 tracks) in the near future. Cheers.

Damn, i didn;t think anyone had that demo!


Hi played in so many bands..yes for sure you should have a look through your old boxes where the tapes are and rip some (or all...hahahaha) you know i am totally into demo tapes and for sure would be more than happy to listen to your demos.
Would be cool if you could put up the discography of Spaul...i am interested in knowing more about the band.And thx for all the infos and always a pleasure to have a talk with you.Have a nice day.