For the Demo's Lovers!!!!!!!!

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An awesome place to go if you want to discover bands from Brasil its here and its full of great stuff and the work done is simply fantastic!.Another pretty good place is here and its covering the German punk/HC scene.Full of demos and great work done on it too.If you want to discover other stuff from Germany so a visit here and here might help you to find some good stuff.Two other excellent places to go.......So thats all for today.......Have a nice surf!.

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Awsome! I loved your post! Thank you very much! Your blog its one step ahead... hahaha... puted you on my favorite list! Kiss

Great blog, and thanks for the tips on other demo sites. Tapes Are King! I have one as well, mostly 80s UK stuff, but newer international bands as well:


Hi Robert...All has been done today (link,etc...).Hope to hear from you soon.Cheers. The Archivist