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Anger House "Loss" - Ep - 2013

Absolutely impressive newest release of Hanger House !.Their songs are quite well-structured and brilliantly executed with a lot of passion , energy and emotion.If you are a nostalgic of the 80's Emo / Washington DC sound Anger House is a band you cant miss and to all the other ones Anger House deserve all your attention!.A truly promising band!.For more details about the band it is here and here.

Ep : 8 songs *.* Length : 22m.

Tracks : 1.Faith In Me *.* 2.Asleep For Years *.* 3.Waves *.* 4.Sore Neck *.* 5.Intermission (Beach And Yorktown) *.* 6.Broken Teeth *.* 7.Last Wish *.* 8.Tis Time Around

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This band is from Denton, real sick stuff. They have a 5 song 7 inch record coming out this summer too!