Dirty Mouth "Dirty Mouth" Demo 2011

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Quite good and appealing female fronted Punkrock band with a Punk vibe here and there.I've been quite enthralled by the sweet , charming and exciting female sung vocals. Cool moving and danceable mid-tempo songs played with energy and spontaneity and from which you can feel a pleasant touch of originality emerging at times.Imagine a cross between The Lost Cherrees and The Gits...A pretty good demo!.For more details about the band it is here.

Demo : 7 songs *.* Lenght : 10m.

Tracks : 1.Privilege To Forget *.* 2.Doesn't Mean Anything *.* 3.Toothbrush *.* 4.Allergic To Antartica *.* 5.The Shit We Get *.* 6.You Got It Gurl *.* 7.Fuck Speedy Gonzales

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