Cold Warps "Endless Bummer" Tape - 2010

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Fucking cool moving , groovy and catchy as hell Rockin'Punk / Power PopPunk with a Garage feel and the 90's sound flavor.A cross between The Queers , The Ramones , The Screeching Weasel and Beatnik Termites!. Top cool songs bursting with a good amount of energy , fun and a lot of sweet melodies.Pretty dynamic and lively guitar lines.Extremely catchy to hear!.A pure delight!.For more details about them you have to go here and here.

Tape : 5 songs *.* Length : 12m.
1.I Am With You *.* 2.Let's Just Fun *.* 3.Cough Drops *.* 4.Who Cares I Guess *.* 5.Endless Bummer

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