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Calma "En Esta Tarde Gris" Ep - 2011

Fucking awesome!.Strong Emotional Hardcore mixed with 90's New School SExHC!.Imagine a cross between Farside , Mean Season , Undertow and Endpoint.Hot driving , intense and powerful songs with a subtle tuneful touch and a strong emotive vibe.Vocals are passionate , vigorous and poignant.They fucking rule!.Highly recommended!.

Songs : 4 *.* Length : 12m. *.* Label : Karmacorp
1.Maquillage *.* 2.Lapices Rotos *.* 3.Responso *.* 4.Tristezas De La Tarde

So the band offer you their Ep for free and so if you want to grab it and get more infos about the band you have to go here

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