No Illusions "Demo 08" Demo 2008

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No Illusions are playing a thunderous , explosive and blasting Old School Hardcore in the pure tradition of the 80's bands sound!.They strongly remind me Minor Threat , Black Flag and even Dead Kennedys at times.Fast and hyperactive songs bursting with a huge energy , tonicity and fervor with really cool tempo changes and stop and go parts.Whouaaa...simply amazing!.There is a lot spirit and energy in this demo...back to the good old days ... a pure delight!.For more details about the band you have to go here

********** LINE-UP **********
Jamie on Lead & Backing Vocals *.* Dave on Bass
J.D on Guitar & Backing Vocals *.* Nate on Drums

Demo : 8 songs *.* Length : 10m.
1.Insomnia *.* 2.Boston Bar Punk Is Boring *.* 3.2:A.M - Fuck Crooked Law *.* 4.Terror *.* 5.Noise *.* 6.Out Of Mind *.* 7.Cancelled *.* 8.Too Late

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