Loud Girls "Demo 2011" Demo 2011

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Wild , frenetic Punk / Hardcore strongly influenced by the 80's sound and adding a Ggarafe touch.Imagine a cross between Black Flag , Dead Kennedys , Fear and Angry Samoans!.Short and fast played songs filled with a such intensity and hyperactivity you wont resist too long before to shake your body!.Rhythm of the songs is quite exciting and captiving with a great driving guitar work generating some kick ass solos at times.Raw and nerveous sung vocals.Whouaaa...totally into this!.For more details about the band you have to go here and here

********** LINE-UP **********
Max *.* Billey *.* Antoine

Demo : 4 songs *.* Length : 8m.
1.Intro / Problems *.* 2.Sick Of You *.* 3.Guilty *.* 4.Skate & Cops

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