Who Needs Maps? "First Demo 2" Demo Cdr - 2010

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Pretty damn good driving Screamo Hardcore with an 90's EmoCore sound touch!.Intense dynamic mid-paced parts with a slight heavy touch at times crossed with faster passages and beautiful emotive moments.Sweet guitar lines generating a subtle melodious feel.Screamed sung vocals bursting with intensity , strength and conviction. Good!.The band released a 12 inch and a split 12inch with the band "Hiro".For more infos about the band you have to follow the link here

********** LINE-UP **********
Rog *.* Niko *.* Bebert

Demo : 4 songs *.* Length : 13m.
1.Romero *.* 2.Lame De Fond *.* 3.Take A Breath *.* 4.Le Nombre Exigé

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