Submission Hold "The Buzz Of A Buzzless Situation" Demo 1994

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Pretty enjoyable stuff!.SH are sounding like UK AnarchoPunk bands of the 80's such as Aletnative , Lost Cherrees , Chumbawamba and even a little bit like Crass.Music alternates between catchy slow parts and fast , furious ones and having a slight chaotic feel at times.Nice female sung vocals with melodious and angry feels.The band released several records.

********** LINE-UP **********
Jen on Vocals *.* Calvert on Drums *.* Andy D. on Bass
Ray I. on Guitar

Demo : 12 songs *.* Length : 30m
1.Cranium Ache *.* 2.Hypocrisis *.* 3.Synthetic Wonderland *.* 4.Generated Generation *.* 5.All Or Nothing *.* 6.Mal Tete *.* 7.Ubiquitous They *.* 8.Dead Friends *.* 9.Kids *.* 10.Masters Of War *.* 11.Bend Yer Gender *.* 12.Boo Boo Skull

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this gets me pissed off you never poot a link to the music why